About Us

Quality Home Pest Control in Florida

For over 25 years, PestBear, Inc., a family owned business, has provided residential termite control and home pest control to Florida residents. From our multiple locations across Florida, you can trust the PestBear name to provide thorough and effective pest control solutions for all possible pest and termite problems.

We offer pest and termite extermination, rodent and animal removal, flea and tick control, fire / carpenter ant pretreatments, in-wall pest tubes, termite pretreatments, baiting systems, and other comprehensive solutions for residential termite control and pest control.

We offer a full blown inspection during every home pest control service. Many companies choose to have different pest technicians and termite technicians. This can be hard on the homeowner keeping track of two separate appointments. Furthermore, it is easier for the companies to spot train and pay their employees less for only one channel of service.

We take a different approach at Team PestBear. We spend more time training our employees and constantly perform QA and on-the-job enhancement training. Our technicians become adept in both home pest control as well as residential termite control and extermination. Like doctors, they go through basic training and become specialists. This enables them to complete a thorough exam of your home for termites and pests on every visit. This extra service and training helps to prevent problems.

Residential Termite Control – Florida Issues and Solutions

While some companies only offer one or two specific services, PestBear alleviates the need to use multiple companies by providing both home pest control and residential termite control. Florida residents enjoy warm weather throughout the majority of the year, and these temperate climates also attract frequent and unwelcome termites and pests. Whether it’s a raccoon moving in to your attic, or a colony of termites attacking your deck, PestBear will utilize the most effective and least invasive solutions possible to ensure that your home remains safe, secure, and critter-free. And with a termite guarantee backed by an insurance company, you can rest assured that the integrity and value of your home is in professional hands.

Through comprehensive home pest control and residential termite control, PestBear can ensure that your home stays protected throughout the year. To schedule an appointment, call us at 1-800-PESTBEAR(737-8232) or click here to contact one of our representatives about home pest control.