Quality Home Pest prevention in Florida

For over 25 years, PestBear, a family owned business, has provided residential termite prevention, home pest prevention, and lawn care service to Florida residents. From our multiple locations across Florida, you can trust the PestBear name to provide thorough and effective prevention solutions for all possible pest, termite or lawn service. Read more...

Florida Pest Prevention and Termite Prevention Solutions

Effective pest prevention means taking year-round measures to professionally source, attack, and prevent the many pests that can invade your home. Did you know that there are three primary types of termites that attack most homes in Florida? Fortunately, PestBear’s comprehensive pest control service covers all areas of your home to ensure that these small nuisances don’t take a chunk out of your home or wallet. For over 25 years, PestBear has been Florida’s trustworthy solution for termite, pest, rodent, bug, and insect problems.

Florida Termite prevention

Without routine termite prevention, these pests can invade your home silently, as they often go unnoticed. In the meantime, the damage they cause to your home and belongings can be devastating if you don’t regularly schedule prevention and maintenance services. With Pest Bear’s 24-hour call response in Florida, pest prevention and termite prevention services are fast, professional, and courteous. We provide comprehensive monitoring and service to protect the interior and exterior of your home. PestBear’s fast-acting termite program ensures the elimination of the colony while minimally impacting your home and environment. With our use of non-repellant liquids and termite monitoring, quarterly follow-up visits and 365-day protection with charge-free trouble calls, PestBear is your thorough pest prevention and termite prevention solution. And with a termite guarantee backed by an insurance company, you can be sure that your investment against pests is solid.

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